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Maarten van Gompel


Hello! Hallo! ¡Hola! Olá! Salut! Ciao! Saluton! Привет! 大家好! السلام عليكم

My name is Maarten van Gompel, also known as proycon on the internet. Welcome to my homepage where I share some of my work and interests. I live in Eindhoven, the Netherlands, with my boyfriend Hans and our dog Jaiko. I have a great passion for languages and technology, and especially those areas where they meet!

I work as a research software engineer (just a fancy word for computer programmer) in the field of Natural Language Processing. I'm a unix enthusiast committed to open-source software and an advocate for more security, simplicity, privacy and decentralisation. I love learning languages, coding, reading (mostly science fiction), working on my home automation system, playing the piano, and walking our dog.

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Feel free to contact me (unless you're selling something), you can find my contact details in the footer below.