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Codemeta Harvester

This is a harvester for software metadata. It actively attempts to detect and convert software metadata in source code repositories and converts this to a unified codemeta representation.

The tool is implemented as a simple POSIX shell script that in turn invokes a number of tools to do the actual work:

  • codemetapy - Conversion to codemeta from various other metadata formats
  • cffconvert - Conversion from CITATION.cff to codemeta

A few simple additional metadata extractions methods, as simple shell scripts, have been implemented alongside the main script.

This harvester can be used for two purposes:

  1. to harvest a possibly large number of software projects, for instance to make them available in some kind of search portal.
  2. as a means to produce a codemeta.json file for your own project


A presentation recorded presentation about the whole tool discovery pipeline, developed in the scope of the CLARIAH project, is available here.