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Home Automation

This repository contains my elaborate home automation configuration, using Home Assistant.


Prior to Home Assistant, I ran my own custom-built home automation software. This got too time consuming to maintain and expand so in the summer of 2017 I migrated everything to Home Assistant.

I have a main server and various Raspberry Pis distributed through the house (for wiring reasons). One of the challenges was getting them to communicate properly with Home Assistant. I decided on simply running a Home Assistant instance on each (EventStream solutions did not work properly for me), have the master instance control as much as possible, and the slaves as bare as possible, with communication proceeding over MQTT.


  • Automate and integrate as much as possible:
    • Lights
    • TV
    • Audio
    • Cameras
    • Lots of environment sensors for automations
  • Open-source and no third-party cloud solutions, I like to own and safeguard my data!
  • Security/Alarm system


I have the following devices:

  • Master: Main server (Ubuntu Linux)
    • Quad core
    • 16GB RAM
    • Aeotec Z-Stick
    • Webserver: Apache
    • MQTT Broker: Mosquitto
    • Audio streaming: Mopidy (MPD) + Modidy-spotify + Iris + Icecast
    • Messaging: XMPP (Prosody)
  • Slave: Raspberry Pi 1 (Raspbian) (GPIO wiring schematic)
    • GPIO: 433.92Mhz Transmitter for lights (see also
    • GPIO: Door/doorbell sensors (wired, reed contacts)
    • GPIO: IR LED for remote control of TV/audio
  • Slave: Raspberry Pi 2 (Raspbian) (GPIO wiring schematic)
    • GPIO: 433.92Mhz Transmitter for lights
    • GPIO: Door/window sensors (wired, reed contacts)
    • GPIO: Neopixels LED for ambilight in living room
    • GPIO: IR LED for remote control of TV/audio
    • GPIO: IR Receiver
  • Slave: Raspberry Pi 3 (Raspbian)
  • IP Cams
    • Living room (D-Link 5222-L)
    • Street (Foscam)
    • Garden (Foscam)
  • Webcams
    • Front door
    • Hallway
  • 433 Mhz
    • Many Klik-aan-klik-Uit Adapters or older ELRO adapters for all lights
    • 1x RFLink Transceiver, based on Arduino Mega, connected to Pi2
      • 1x ALECTO WS-4500 Weather Station (mounted outside for wind, rain, temperature)
  • Z-Wave
    • Aeotec Z-Stick
    • 3x Fibaro Motion/light/temperature sensor
    • 1x Neo Coolcam Door/window sensor
    • 2x Nodon Softremote buttons for scene selection/quick remote functionality
    • 1x Philiotech Temperature/Humidity Sensor for bathroom
    • 1x Remotec ZRC-90 remote
  • Other
    • Slimme Meter for power consumption, connected to main server
    • Speakers throughout the house for text-to-speech notifications
    • Wake up timer through bedroom TV


Some screenshots of the interface, featuring home assistant tiles:

Main screenshot

Media controls