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LaMachine is a unified software distribution for Natural Language Processing. We integrate numerous open-source NLP tools, programming libraries, web-services, and web-applications in a single Virtual Research Environment that can be installed on a wide variety of machines.

The software included in LaMachine tends to be highly specialised and generally depends on a lot of other interdependent software. Installing all this software can be a daunting task, compiling it from scratch even more so. LaMachine attempts to make this process easier by offering pre-built recipes for a wide variety of systems, whether it is on your home computer or whether you are setting up a dedicated production environment, LaMachine will safe you a lot of work.

We address various audiences; the bulk of the software is geared towards data scientists who are not afraid of the command line and some programming. We give you the instruments and it is up to you to yield them. However, we also attempt to accommodate researchers that require more high-level interfaces by incorporating webservices and websites that expose some of the functionality to a larger audience.