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This is a set of complementary extensions for todo.txt . I wrote an extensive [/posts/todo/](blog post about it) which should give a good impression of what it can do. The following extensions are implemented:

  • more - Main entry point, shortcut invoking various underlying plugins. By default displays a list with better sorting (relsort) and colour highlighting (format)
  • edit - Invokes editor to edit todo.txt.
  • show - Show a single task based on item number
  • priup - Priority up
  • pridown - Priority down (down to C, depriotitised after)
  • rofi - Control todo.txt interactively via rofi (a menu program)
  • fzf - Control todo.txt interactively via fzf (a terminal based fuzzy finder)
  • issue - View and sync issues (sync with Github)
  • timetrack - Track time on projects and contexts, and produce summary reports
  • notmuch - Sync with notmuch mail based on tags like 'todo' and/or 'reply'
  • cal - Import iCalendar/vCalendar (ics) files
  • autoprio - Automatically assign priorities (mostly based on due dates)

The following are usually not called directly:

  • format - Better coloured output, supports ANSI colours, pango, and html
  • relsort - Better sorting with relative dates
  • actionmenu - The menu used in the fzf and rofi interfaces.