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  • 2020 - PhD in Natural Language Processing - Radboud University, Nijmegen
  • 2009 - MA in Human Aspects of Information Technology - Tilburg University
  • 2008 - BSc in Cognitive Artificial Intelligence - Utrecht University


  • Golden Agents (2021-2022) - A research project to study relation and interactions between producers and consumers of creative goods in the Dutch Golden Age.
  • CLARIAH (2016-present) -- A Dutch project that aims to build a common research infrastructure for researchers in the Humanities.. Successor of CLARIN-NL.
  • Colibri (2011-2020) -- Context as Linguistic Bridges, is my PhD project, it investigates the role of source-language context information in machine translation.
  • Nederlab (2018-2019) -- Nederlab provides access to a great number of digitised historical texts.
  • Spreek2Schrijf (2018) -- This was a feasibility study for the Dutch parliament to explore whether spoken language in the plenary meetings could be automatically converted to more formal written proceedings.
  • CLARIN-NL (2011-2015) -- The CLARIN-NL project is a large national project in the Netherlands (2009-2015) which aims to build a research infrastructure intended for humanities researchers that work with language data and tools. The researcher will be able to find data and tools relevant for his/her research via the CLARIN infrastructure and get access to them.
  • Oersetter (2012, and again in 2021) -- A Dutch-Frisian Machine translation project in collaboration with the Fryske Akademy
  • DutchSemCor (2009-2011) -- The goal of DutchSemCor was to deliver a one-million word Dutch corpus that is fully sense-tagged with senses and domain tags.

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See the publications section for an extensive overview of all my scientific publications.